Broil King vs Weber Grills

WeBroil King vs. Weber: Which Grills is Right for You?

Broil King and Weber pride in being two of the biggest names in the grill production industry, and they also happen to be some of the oldest brands.

Also, both will manufacture products to cater to all kinds of grillers as they will have everything from small, basic and inexpensive models to the medium and high tier grills for both home and commercial use.

But with the many similarities between the two from their business model to the products that they make, it can be hard to choose between them.

However, in this piece, we compare them side by side and also highlight some of the key pros and cons of each brand to help make the decision easier for grillers.

Broil King

Broil King

Given that it has been in business since 1906, Broil King is most likely the oldest top grill brand. Their many years of operation is a good indication that they understand everything there is to know about grills and have had enough time to improve the design and performance of their products.

While the company might still not be as popular as Weber, it has its large enough following of diehard fanatics who will not use a grill from any other brand. Broil King vs Weber Grills

Broil king also offers a wide variety of grill types to cater to different market segments from the smaller and inexpensive 2-burner models to the larger 5-burner grills for high volume grilling.

Weber Grills

Weber is probably the most popular grill brand and for most people, it will always be the first option they think of when shopping for a new grill.

The company has been making and selling grills since the 1950s, and they are known for their high-quality and reliable grills that are available in various sizes and types.

Weber offers their grills in two popular lines of products which are Genesis and Spirit which often differ design and features. And unlike many grills by Broil King, most of their models will come with larger wheels designed to make mobility easy.

With Weber, you will also often get larger cooking areas when compared to the matching models from Broil King. If you are also very keen on how your grill looks, they will also often offer more color choices than many other brands.

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